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Klotz Auto Repair & Engine Machine Shop
Family pride, quality service and honesty are the keys to Klotz Auto's five year success story. Cars have always been a family business and today they continue to keep it in the family. 

“We have grown up with cars since we were knee high,” says owner Mike Klotz. “We would race and build stock cars.”


This love of cars and passion for building and fixing them has made Klotz Auto, one of the fastest growing auto shops in Cambridge today. At Klotz Auto, they offer a wide variety of services from traditional mechanical work to custom work. There is no make or model they can't tackle and no job is too big or too small and you can be sure all the work is done by licensed professionals with years of experience and expertise. 

“We do it all in-house which is different from an every day garage,” says Klotz. We also offer a lot of speciality work which other garages aren't trained to offer, because mechanic schools don't provide the training anymore. It is the diversity and commitment to excellence that has set them apart from other shops in the K-W area. 

People with antique or classic cars can know their custom rebuilding and engine fittings are being done by mechanics who have gone through the training and know what they are doing. 

There are not a lot of engine machine shops around. It's a real specialty,” Klotz says. Klotz Auto also has the ability to fabricate just about anything needed to make a car purr. They ensure customers don't spend their time waiting on repairs or service. Most cars can have the work done within the day, getting drivers safely and quickly back on the road. Another key to ensuring a safe drive is day-to-day care and maintenance. 

There are a lot of little things drivers can do to ensure their engine and body run smoothly, letting oil changes and service schedules lapse can result in costly damage. Just a few simple tricks can ensure a car spends more time on the road and less time on the hoist. You should check the fluids are up to snuff. Make sure this is done regularly, this includes oil, power steering fluid, anti-freeze, brake fluid and even windshield washer fluid. 
Canadian Vintage Modified #46 Mike Klotz Canadian Vintage Modified #64 Mark Klotz

Ensuring proper tire pressure and tread is also incredibly important to both safety and a smooth ride. Check your tires to see what the rating should be and don't let it fall below the manufacturer recommendations. If it is time for new tires or for winter tires, Klotz Auto has a wide range to choose from delivered three times daily to make sure drivers don't have to wait around for tire changes and repairs.

Ensuring timely service and good products are very important to Klotz Auto. “Our mechanics are going to do good work. We won't beat around the bush,” Klotz says, adding all work and repairs are cleared with the customer and no unnecessary extras added on. Our mechanics pride themselves on their reputations and understand the value of service and customer care. 

Our mechanics are paid by the hour, rather than the job, so the quality of work is far better than other shops. Customers don't have to worry about residue from grease and oil being left behind in their cars. Every precaution is taken to ensure the work done at Klotz is done right and with no mess left behind. “We want things to be done right. It's our reputation,” says Klotz. 

Klotz Auto is located at 330 Dundas Street South, Cambridge, Ontario
To arrange an appointment please call 519-620-4664
or email klotzauto@bellnet.ca

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